Yacht Management

GOC Management provides a comprehensive range of services to maximize the owner's enjoyment of their yacht, minimize the risks and liabilities associated with yacht ownership, control the costs of yacht operations and protect the significant capital investment that a yacht represents.



The Ownership of a yacht carries with it obligations and potential liabilities for an Owner, both in regard to the legal operation of the vessel and through the employment of the crew.

By delegating management responsibility to a professional and experienced Yacht Manager an Owner is considered to have acted reasonably, in turn providing the Owner with protection from the prospect of consequential liabilities.

As Yacht Manager it is our role to ensure that the yacht is maintained and operated in accordance with ever evolving legislation and is in compliance with local regulations.



A large yacht represents a significant capital investment and so it is paramount that the value of this investment be protected. Maintaining the yacht to the highest possible standard ensures that the resale value and prospective charter revenue, if desired, is maximized.

A best practice, proactive and preventative maintenance program keeps long term repair and maintenance costs to a minimum. GOC Management’s technical team is a dedicated resource to maintain the value of the asset. 



Maintaining and operating a yacht represents a considerable expense for any Owner. A professional manager, working closely with Captain and Crew, can help control expenses, ensuring that optimal pricing is obtained in the procurement of goods and services.